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Fall Conference

"Alpha to Omega: Human Performance Across the Lifespan"
November 8-9, 2018
This year's meeting is broadly focused on the optimization of health and physical function in diverse populations, exploring similarities and differences of exercise adaptation across the human performance spectrum. Keynote lectures will feature Dr. Pierre d’Hemecourt and Dr. Maria Urso. Other invited speakers include Dr. Mary Jane De Souza, Dr. Ken Powell, Dr. Linda Pescatello, Dr. Loretta DiPietro, Dr. Jane Kent, Dr. Jeffrey Mjaanes, Dr. Markus Amann, Dr. William Roberts, and Dr. Lindsay Baker. The 15th annual College Bowl, showcasing teams of talented students, will take place Thursday, November 8. 

Some important notes about registration:

  • Those wishing to join NEACSM or renew their membership should do so through the registration process, as linked above. 

  • To register a large group of students/faculty, contact Heather Turner at or (317) 637-9200, ext. 138. 

  • Please direct any questions related to registration to Heather Turner at or (317) 637-9200, ext. 138.

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