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2021 Virtual Spring Conference Video Content

Thank you for purchasing access to the 2021 Virtual Spring Conference, "Managing Physical Activity in the New Normal: Science to Practice." You now have full access to all six sessions - including lectures and discussion sessions - from the conference through December 31, 2021. All revenue generated from this programming will go to the NEACSM’s Endowment Fund, which supports professional development for members of the chapter. 

We encourage faculty to share with students and use this content to support summer and fall semester courses. 

There are no CECs associated with this content.

Paul M. Gallo, EdD, FACSM - Past President, NEACSM

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Presentation 1: What is the Most Fundamental (and Misunderstood) Fact about Metabolism? Marc Hamilton, PhD, FACSM

Presentation 2: Changes in Exercise Behavior during COVID-19. Daniel Freidenreich, PhD

Presentation 3: Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on Domain-specific Physical Activity Levels. Pedro Saint-Maurice, PhD

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Presentation 1: From Working at Home to Living at Work: Reimagining Employee Wellness in 2021. Amanda Zaleski, PhD

Presentation 2: Navigating Employee Well-being in the New "Workplace." Talya Williams, MS

Presentation 3: Medically Integrated Fitness: Pandemic Driven Pivots. Brad Roy, PhD, FACSM

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Presentation 1: Riding the Whirlwind: Success in Graduate School around a Pandemic. Jaci VanHeest, PhD

Presentation 2: The Pandemic Paradigm: A New Perspective on Students' Role in Science and Practice. Melanna Cox, MS

Presentation 3: Don't Panic! Successfully Obtaining Your ACSM Certification during the Pandemic. Christie Ward-Ritacco, PhD, FACSM

Screenshot Session 3.png

Presentation 1: The Impact of COVID-19 on Physical Activity and Health among Undergraduate Students: Lessons from Quarantine and Beyond. Melissa Bopp, PhD, FACSM

Presentation 2: Using Video-Media, Live-Streaming Effectively to Make Physical Activity Accessible for All Levels. Renee Rogers, PhD, FACSM

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Paul M. Gallo, EdD, FACSM - Past President, NEACSM

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