Honor Award

The New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (NEACSM) Honor Award recognizes a professional member who has provided significant contributions to both NEACSM and the field of exercise science, and is the highest honor bestowed by the chapter. The recipient of this award is recognized at the NEACSM Annual meeting.

2018 NEACSM Honor Award Recipient

Dr. Mary Jane De Souza

The New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (NEACSM) is proud to recognize Dr. Mary Jane De Souza as the 2018 Honor Award recipient. Dr. De Souza is Professor of Kinesiology and Physiology at Pennsylvania State University. At Penn State she also serves as the Project Leader for the Biological and Life Sciences Interest Group and the Director of the Women's Health and Exercise Laboratory. Dr. De Souza is a Past-President of NEACSM and a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. She continues to serve as an NEACSM Board of Trustee member.


In 2018, Dr. De Souza was honored with the American College of Sports Medicine Citation Award for Career Research Achievement and in 2017, she received the Penn State University Teaching Excellence Award.


Dr. De Souza is a preeminent researcher in the field of women's health and exercise, specifically reproductive and skeletal physiology. She is a renowned expert on the physiology of the Female Athlete Triad, particularly factors related to energy deficiency, eating behaviors, food intake, exercise and menstrual abnormalities, and bone health and osteoporosis in female athletes and exercising women. To honor her dedication to NEACSM, her profession, and the field, NEACSM proudly presents Dr. Mary Jane De Souza the 2018 Honor Award.


Past NEACSM Honor Award Recipients:

1986-  Howard G. Knuttgen
1987-  James A. Vogel; Beverly A. Bullen; Lyle J. Micheli; and Robert C. Cantu
1988-  Lorraine Bloomquist; David N. Camaione; and Paul Thompson
1989-  Kent B. Pandolf
1990-  W. Jay Gillespie; and Donald Mahler
1991-  Thomas Rowland
1992-  Gary Skrinar
1993-  Thomas Manfredi; and Lee Cunningham
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1998-  Linda Pescatello
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2004-  Deborah Riebe
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2006-  Kyle McInnis
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2011-   Lara Carlson
2012-  Robert Kenefick
2013-  Stella Volpe
2014-  Pete Ronai

2015-  William Kraemer

2016-  Jaci Van Heest

2017-  Sean Walsh

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