Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee ensures access for and accountability of and to all members, providing members the opportunity to bring diversity, equity and inclusion related issues to the Executive Committee. The Diversity Committee is comprised of an appointed member of the Executive Committee to serve as chairperson and NEACSM members with interest and expertise in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The Diversity Committee Chair is responsible for:

  • convening and leading Diversity Committee meetings and discussions

  • identifying areas of inequity within the chapter and the profession

  • offering actionable initiatives for fostering and sustaining diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency.

  • expanding and/or developing resources to share with membership.

  • drafting language for official chapter pronouncements related to DEI issues.

  • providing a platform/amplification for under-represented issues and individuals.

  • serving as a liaison for membership, to bring DEI-related concerns, experiences, and suggestions from individual members and the professional community to the attention of the EC.

  • advising Executive Committee and recommending strategies for addressing inequities, under-representation in chapter business.

The Diversity Committee is a key component of the NEACSM's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as indicated in the Chapter's Strategic Plan and Vision Statement, which reads as follows: "The New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine will be a leader in the advancement, interpretation, and integration of research in exercise science and sports medicine. We will create a culture embracing diversity and inclusion and promote professional development of our members and community."

Want to learn more or join the committee? Contact Chair Katie Burton here

Essential Reading

Check out these texts for foundational ideas about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the ACSM and the profession.